Financial Affiliate Programs


Financial Affiliate Programs

After specializing in affiliate marketing for over 10 years, I sat down and wrote:

How I Made $10 Million from Internet Affiliate Marketing

Financial Affiliate Programs are in high demand and offer a lucrative source of revenue. Most programs pay on a per lead basis. When it comes to which financial affiliate program to promote there are two industries that are far more profitable than the rest. They are payday loans and forex. Payday loans pay you up to $50 each time a customer gets a loan, and the conversion rates are high.

T3 Leads

An affiliate network that specializes in financial affiliate programs. They have a huge network of lenders. You can send payday traffic from anywhere in the UK or the USA. They then sell that lead to a lender and you get paid up to $50 a lead. 

 This is by far the best financial network anywhere. They also offer various other CPA offers for auto insurance, tax debt, credit repair, home improvement loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, and renters insurance.

Without a doubt the second best financial product to get into is Forex. Forex pays you each time an investor buys a currency. You earn a portion of the spread and this can be very lucrative. Our most recommended Forex program is:

Affiliate Yard - Pays up to $300 a sign up for revenue share (revenue is better)

More and more Americans are getting themselves into debt and many of these people are strapped for cash and need some type of help.  Payday Loans (also known as cash advance) are huge. This is a product in demand and the volume of searches for this product is huge.

Listed below are other reputable programs:


Offer your traffic debt negotiation (debt settlement),  & non-profit debt consolidation (debt management). The payout is generous earn up to $15.75 for each qualified person who fills out a free consultation form.